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Meredith Plowman

Hi, I’m Meredith Plowman from Paradiso Healtharium, my haven on the edge of Mullumbimby, in the Byron Bay hinterland. I assist people to de-stress, refresh & reboot from the inside-out, with two remarkable treatments that have their origins in Kinesiology.

Through studying Reiki, Pranic Healing, Herbal Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, I have come to specialise for the past 20 years in Facial Harmony and Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW) Energy Balances, which consistently give my clients highly beneficial results.
Facial Harmony stems from Kinesiology, and is a marvellous meridian natural face-lift, which does so much more, in terms of the deep nurturing relaxation it provides, helping people de-stress and refresh their appearance. During a Facial Harmony people experience a deep connection to their inner self, which then radiates on their face, to bring out their natural beauty. You’ll see visible differences to your appearance on your first treatment with plumped radiant skin, lifted relaxed eyes and lifted cheeks and jawline, and facial radiance.
treatment room
Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW) is a treatment founded by Australian Kinesiologists, Pam Myers and Sally Worth, whose extensive channeling abilities have brought about an extremely comprehensive system of healing using muscle testing to gently, quickly and easily shift the energies of people’s programmes, sabotages, ingrained patterns and much more, to successfully assist people with all manner of difficulties in life.

Some of my RAW clients have had truly quick and amazing results from their RAW Balances, and others have had consistent improvement to how they are able to handle life in all sorts of different ways, while others have been able to delve deeply and work on fundamental life challenges that have improved the quality of their lives internally and externally and given them a greater sense of enjoyment of life. All have increased their Personal Power through RAW. 

Raw is particularly supportive when people are in overload, dealing with circumstances that are overwhelming and  beyond their control, including family events and traumas, to regain a sense of power and positive forward movement.

RAW Balances are done at Paradiso Healtharium at Mullumbimby, and Sydney periodically,  and via the phone or internet. Facial Harmony treatments are done at Paradiso Healtharium at Mullumbimby, and Sydney periodically, and at Bangalow Health and Wellbeing Clinic at Bangalow.

Enquires are welcome!        Please Phone (02) 6684 5005 or Text 0410 371 620


Looking forward to assisting you to de-stress, refresh & reboot at Paradiso Healtharium!

Meredith xx


Directions From Mullumbimby

  • Travel along Main Arm Road 7 Km, or for 8 minutes.
  • The road is flat for most of the way, then there is a slight hill, the hill flattens out and No 722 is on the Right, before the bottom of the hill.
    [If you haven’t driven up the slight hill yet, you haven’t gone far enough.]
  • The Driveway is marked by No 722, Cream Painted Tyres & the Paradiso Healtharium Sign.

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