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Meredith Plowman


Hi, I’m Meredith Plowman and I’ve been doing Facial Harmony & RAW Balances for lovely people for the past 18 years, helping them to overcome life challenges by increasing their Personal Power with RAW, and to unwind and look radiant with Facial Harmony.

I can’t say that I was born under a lucky star, but I can say that I’ve worked hard to create my own luck and create a good life, navigating some very challenging life circumstances. The best way I’ve found to quickly and profoundly bring about change for the better in my life, is Rekindled Ancient Wisdom, aka RAW.

I know how good it feels to have some sort of angst, and to deal with it openly, deeply and gently in a Balance, immediately feeling the shift of energy, and the relief of instantly feeling clearer and lighter, and seeing what that new state in myself brings to my life, so it’s with great pleasure that I do this remarkable treatment with other people for their benefit too.

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Some of my RAW clients have had truly quick and amazing results from their RAW Balances, and others have had consistent improvement to how they are able to handle life in all sorts of different ways, while others have been able to delve deeply and work on fundamental life challenges that have improved the quality of their lives internally and externally and given them a greater sense of enjoyment of life. All have increased their Personal Power through RAW.

I admire all of my lovely clients for facing their life challenges and stressful situations constructively with RAW Balances as a way of improving themselves and their lives, and I am always happy to work on whatever you’d like a clearing on, knowing that all Balances are creating more peaceful, positive energies in your life, and so in the world.

And to me, Facial Harmony is the icing on the cake, a blissful, remarkable massage technique that gently removes the deeply held tension, not only on our faces, but deep in our bodies, so that our life challenges and stresses aren’t the face we present to the world. Facial Harmony helps you express the most open, radiant, beautiful and youthful face you could possibly have at any age.

I’ve studied and received treatments of many different modalities and all of them have special qualities, and combined they can bring about huge changes in people’s lives. Adding RAW Balances to any self-care you embark on will give you enhanced results. I’ve found RAW to be the best form of Kinesiology that I’ve studied to clear limiting energy patterns, and Facial Harmony stands out as an amazing beauty treatment. I offer you the best treatments that I have found in these two areas.

Please afford yourself the time to read and learn more on the following pages about how RAW & Facial Harmony can benefit you and empower yourself with the knowledge and option to explore these treatments for yourself.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Meredith xx


Directions From Mullumbimby

  • Travel along Main Arm Road 7 Km, or for 8 minutes.
  • The road is flat for most of the way, then there is a slight hill, the hill flattens out and No 722 is on the Right, before the bottom of the hill.
    [If you haven’t driven up the slight hill yet, you haven’t gone far enough.]
  • The Driveway is marked by No 722, Cream Painted Tyres & the Paradiso Healtharium Sign.

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