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Meredith Plowman

Hi, I’m Meredith Plowman, of Paradiso Healtharium,
my natural therapies practice nestled in my dream house in Mullumbimby, Byron Bay Hinterland.

From my life experience, I know navigating the energies of life can be tough going at times, which is what sparked my interest in the treatments I do. Over the years I’ve worked with people on collections of day-to-day problems, to those with deep seated trauma – one of whom told me I was worth my weight in gold to her, as RAW balances had made the biggest difference to her life. And with Facial Harmony, every single face, from 20 year olds to 70 year olds have become radiant and more lifted. I feel confident my treatments will benefit you too.

I’ve been practicing in various natural therapies for 25 years, including Massage, Reiki, Kinesiology, as well as completing Herbal Medicine and Pranic Healing training, each modality teaching me things I still incorporate into my treatments now. I’ve come to specialise in two Kinesiology based treatments, RAW Energy Balances (aka Rekindled Ancient Wisdom) and Facial Harmony for the past 15 years.

treatment room

I still delight in seeing someone’s radiant face after a Facial Harmony, and I’m still to this day amazed about how gentle it is and how well it works every time. It’s beautiful seeing people feeling relaxed and their faces looking lifted after such a natural treatment.

And as for RAW Balances, I actually think, just like an Ancient Egyptian, I’m tempted to be buried with my RAW Energy Balance instruction books, because I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without RAW. That’s why I’m always happy to do a RAW Balance with people and share the experience of the lightness and calmness that you feel from a balance, and I’m fascinated to hear about the amazing results people have from their balances.

So, I’m welcoming you to visit me for a treatment at Paradiso Healtharium for a RAW Balance, or a Facial Harmony, or maybe even both!



Directions From Mullumbimby

  • Travel along Main Arm Road 7 Km, or for 8 minutes.
  • The road is flat for most of the way, then there is a slight hill, the hill flattens out and No 722 is on the Right, before the bottom of the hill.
    [If you haven’t driven up the slight hill yet, you haven’t gone far enough.]
  • The Driveway is marked by No 722, Cream Painted Tyres & the Paradiso Healtharium Sign.

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