Meredith Plowman

Hello Kindred Spirit!

I care for and support sensitive and aware people and manage their energies in deep and complex ways to help them experience more harmony and inner peace to create a tangible feeling of lightness, with RAW Energy Balances and Facial Harmony Treatments.

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 I have always had a connection to my inner healer, the calmness inside that calls out and continually asks how can I unravel the energies of this disharmonious feeling or circumstance so that I can improve my life?

I’ve used Rekindled Ancient Wisdom known as RAW, and Facial Harmony successfully for the past 20 years to help myself and others  reorganise the energies of what needs to be healed, so that we can feel calm, at peace and happy. 

Meredith xx

Professional History

From a young age I was interested in natural ways of working with my own sensitivity and supporting my own wellbeing through the trials and tribulations of life and for the past twenty years I’ve worked with many people to do the same.

I practiced Transcendental Meditation as a teenager and have always been sensitive to inner worlds.

I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening in my early twenties which made the experience of energy very real and physical for me, and then learnt Reiki with Reiki Masters Faye Mathews and Karen Anderson. 

I later studied at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies for Diplomas in Remedial Massage, Botanical Medicine (Herbal Medicine) and Iridology. After completing my Remedial Massage Diploma I worked for Chiropractor Fiona Pearcey at North Bondi Chiropractic Clinic for many years.

I studied Kinesiology, completing many of the modules of Applied Physiology. This led me to learn Facial Harmony which is Kinesiology based, with Tanmayo and Anna McRoberts, and I felt an affinity with it’s gentle and sensitive approach to deeply harmonise energy, while magically giving true beauty from within. I have been doing Facial Harmony treatments since 2000. I am still delighted and amazed at the instant visible results that appear without fail with each client, and it is satisfying to be able to deliver these results for people.

I studied Pranic Healing with NSW Senior Practitioner Wendy MacDonnell which gave me more insight and understanding into working with energy fields of the human body.

During this time, through a Facial Harmony college, I was introduced to RAW Energy Balances, and I loved the quick and fluid way of accessing energy in and around a person’s system, for my own benefit, and have loved sharing this benefit with others, I therefore pursued with this Kinesiology based new and innovative way of working deeply with energy. I have studied RAW with the Australian founders Sally Worth and Pam Myers for the past 20 years and I have attained the title of RAW Practitioner. I am personally truly grateful for their insightful and profound work, and I take great pleasure and satisfaction with engaging with my clients for their Balances to pass on all the benefits from my knowledge that I can.

I have worked with RAW Balances with Clairvoyant and Energy Mentor Lynette Arcadie, and Network Chiropractor Dr Euan McMillan over the years and have gained valuable experience from my association with them.