They say that two heads are better than one. It’s true, we can be exponentially stronger and enjoy life connected with each other. Sometimes though, when you’re in a relationship two heads can be pulling in different directions creating issues that limit our enjoyment of spending time with another person!

Often this is a major problem and a relationship will end, but when a relationship is generally good and supporting, it can be a shame to have conflict and issues destroy our bond with our partner, as well as our day-to-day enjoyment of life. A bit of attention to the dynamics of our relationships can help us move out of destructive cycles and reactive behaviour that create conflict.

Of course it can be quite hard to scrutinise out own relationship, especially if discussing it with our partner is difficult, and we often naturally can only really clearly see things from our point of view. We’re usually painfully aware of the resulting emotions, attitudes and affects of our discord however, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we know how to move through into harmony with our partner.

This can be a time when adding an extra pair of heads with Couples Counselling and Kinesiology RAW Balances can speed up the process of getting unstuck from unhelpful relationship dynamics! Helen Larkey of Reconnect Counselling specialises in Couples Counselling in Bangalow near Byron Bay and over Skype Australia wide and in any country. Her relaxed warm manner and experience of Counselling can get to the heart of identifying issues being created, by discussing the dynamics of a couples relationship individually, and together.

Helen has developed “Byron Bay Couples Counselling and Communication Retreats” that involve Counselling to identify the underlying issues between Couples which are then energetically cleared with Kinesiology RAW Balances to bring about swift resolution of the issues.

“As Kinesiology is the way to the subconscious mind through the body, it is the perfect adjunct to assist with the process of Counselling.” Helen Larkey

By following up Counselling with Kinesiology RAW Balances, this way both people get to experience a personal relief of the issues and accrued stress in their own energy system which speeds up the release of the unhelpful dynamic being created with their partner. This is then followed up by massage to release the tension created by the conflict being held in the physical body, so that a physical sense of the slate being cleared is also created.

This is a great way to move forward together into a new state of being that reflects a harmony with your connection to your partner. Don’t spend years of your life in conflict with your loved one. If you are interested in this retreat for you and your partner, you can contact Helen Larkey via

If you are interested in this programme for you and your partner, but are unsure of aspects of this experience, you can book a session individually with Helen, to identify your own issues within your relationship, followed by a Kinesiology RAW Balance with Meredith to clear the energies of those issues, so that you can be familiar and confident with the process before inviting your partner to embark on the “Byron Bay Couples Counselling and Communication Retreat” together. Often one partner taking a step in the right direction can lead to desired change.

Helen Larkey “Byron Bay Couples Counselling and Communication Retreats” – 0438 695 310

Meredith Plowman Kinesiology RAW Balances – phone 6684 5005      text 0410 371 620

Helen & Meredith both work in person and over Skype.