Facial Harmony Kinesiology treatments are the natural facelift that also lifts the drooping effect of facial paralysis from Bells Palsy and facial injuries.

One of my Clients has had a couple of Facial Harmony Kinesiology treatments a year to address an unevenness in her facial features due to experiencing injury in a car accident when she was a child. At one appointment she was quite please to tell me that she had caught up with some old school friends she hadn’t seen for years, who all noticed and commented that her face had changed for the better.

It’s sometimes hard to get past our own critical gaze and fixation on our own flaws that we repeatedly see in the mirror, but this observation from her school friends served her as a good long term before-and-after for Facial Harmony.

Facial Harmony Kinesiology can also be used to treat facial paralysis of Bells Palsy. In this treatment the entire face and head is gently massaged along the meridian lines, and then the muscles of the face, allowing energy flow, blood flow and lymphatic flow to be enhanced, as well as being incredibly soothing for the entire nervous system of the body.

Improvement can be seen after one treatment, and this can be a great boost to a Client as Bells Palsy often occurs when people are under stress, and don’t like the constant reminder of seeing the result of stress so markedly on their face.

“I was lucky enough to be given a pair of Facial Harmony treatments for my birthday. I went along not knowing what to expect and put myself in the soothing hands of the lovely Meredith. The experience was delightful; unique, deeply relaxing and gentle. A surprise bonus was a visible improvement in my post Bells Palsy eye droop. Highly recommended” Sarah De Nardi, Bangalow.

Dr Jane Reffell of Bangalow Health and Wellbeing also noted Sarah’s improvement with her eye droop.


Facial Harmony Kinesiology treatments build upon each other in effectiveness, especially when treatments are had frequently for a period of time. To maximise your recovery aim to have three treatments a week apart, and then have maintenance treatments each month until you are satisfied with results. Meredith offers a three treatment discount to make regular treatments more affordable so that Clients can easily make this commitment to support improving their facial paralysis. You’ll also receive the stress management benefits that regular Facial Harmony Kinesiology Treatments bring.

Facial Harmony Kinesiology is available at Paradiso Healtharium in the Byron Bay hinterland, at Bangalow Health and Wellbeing in Bangalow, and periodically in Sydney. This is a blissfully relaxing treatment, with instant visible beauty enhancement, and has therapeutic value.