One of the really useful applications of RAW Balances is to clear unwanted programmes. Because we access all 12 Parts of the Being every time we do a RAW Balance, you can be assured of a very thorough release of old programming, as a RAW Balance can address how this programme is affecting different aspects of who you are and how you operate in life.

For instance, the unwanted programme of “I’m a failure” can be in our Emotional Being causing us to feel depressed, and it could also be in The Ego (ie our motivation and desire to be recognised in the world) causing us to procrastinate. It could also be operating in The Subconscious by making us sabotage any success, or could be in our God Within, causing us to feel unworthy of success, and that others deserve success but not us.

Each time we reprogramme our Energies with the positive correcting affirmations, we use Kinesiology based muscle testing to identify all of the affirmations necessary to change the unwanted programme.

“I’m a failure” might need correcting with, for instance, “All my expectations are for successful outcomes”, “I view my achievements through the filters of my own standards”, “I have the conversations that enhance my success” and “I am confident in my self and my abilities”.

And because we access all 12 Parts of the Being in RAW, all of the 12 Parts of the Being get reprogrammed at the same time with the positive reprogramming affirmations, bringing about a deep change in your Energies, enhancing how you now feel within yourself and how you operate in life.

You don’t have to be consciously aware of your programmes to book in for a Kinesiology RAW Balance at Paradiso Healtharium in the Byron Bay hinterland, or for a distant healing via the phone or Skype, as muscle testing for your energies will quickly and easily access the information ¬†needed of any unhelpful programmes that you may have. It’s usually obvious to us if an area of our life is not working as well as we think it should, and this is all the information that we need in order to proceed with a RAW Balance and find out if programmes are a contributing factor in this block. Don’t hesitate to book in and make the most of your life.