Back in the day, Crown St Healtharium, in inner city Surry Hills started in 2002, and got it’s name from my client and friend, Tricia, who came up with the name “Healtharium” for me to describe my business and treatment room for Kinesiology, and of course Crown St was the location.

It’s almost 2019, and 5 years ago we moved to Mullumbimby in the Byron Bay Hinterland and Paradiso Healtharium was created, as a place for continuing Kinesiology RAW Energy Balances and Facial Harmony. So my personal mission for Paradiso Healtharium, to help others in the way that had helped me the most, started 17 years ago, and as statements go, has never been verbalised before now. It’s been more of an experience statement instead, and indeed extremely personal.

At Crown St Healtharium, and now Paradiso Healtharium, I use Kinesiology to bring to the fore that beautiful personal internal place we all crave a longer experience of, that is peaceful, beautiful, light, soft and our safe haven inside, free from outside pressure, what I call Paradise. I begin by welcoming you into my home treatment room, decorated in a way I’ve been told, that gives a sense of timelessness, with flowers I’ve picked from my garden that day, my garden being my other Paradise. It’s in this intimate setting that my clients get to air their truely personal issues, the ones that are really impacting their lives, and we then go about the process of resolving the energies of those issues in an authentic way tailored to each individual client’s energy needs using the RAW Balance process.

The majority of the testimonials appearing on my website are from clients I’ve been seeing for Kinesiology RAW Balances and Facial Harmony for 10 years or more. I’ve had many lovely clients walk up my stairs to my treatment room proclaiming “Thank God I’m here!”, knowing that together, we’ll tackle their issues and by the end of their Kinesiology RAW Balance bring them the desired relief of burden, clarity, lightness and relaxation.

Most people’s life mission is to help other people in some way, and I’m no different. I use my innate skills of listening, sensitivity and empathy, and 18 years experience to deliver meaningful change in other people’s lives with Kinesiology RAW Balances and Facial Harmony. You can follow what’s happening at Paradiso_Healtharium on Instagram where you’ll be able to keep up to date with what’s flowering in the garden here at Paradiso Healtharium and other important things!