The main reason I studied Kinesiology Modules of Applied Physiology and went on to study 11 Levels of RAW Energy Balance training over 18 years, was because I initially suffered from anxiety, and found Kinesiology based RAW Balances to bring me the most dramatic change and benefit to my life quickly and, most importantly, NATURALLY!

The very nature of anxiety, can mean that sufferers are often anxious about finding a solution to their anxiety, and this can lead to avoidance of the unknown and an unwillingness to try something new that might be helpful, or to stick with something until it takes affect.

I was encouraged by a family member to have some Kinesiology sessions, and I had a few, but I never really took to them to begin with. I was quite young and to be honest I found Kinesiology strange and confronting. It was years later when I was studying Herbal Medicine and was traumatised by a family tragedy, that a lecturer at the college kindly suggested I have some ,Kinesiology. I said that I had already tried it before, and they said that perhaps this time it might be different…….and it certainly was. After one session I felt tremendous relief, and felt much more like myself again. This dramatic change won me over to knowing first hand just how healing Kinesiology can be for bringing peace back to your energy system quickly and easily.

I was introduced to Kinesiology based RAW Energy Balances by a practitioner I met doing my Kinesiology module of Facial Harmony training. RAW Energy Balances opened up a whole new world to me as to how quick, effective and profound Kinesiology healing can be. Again I had the experience of having about three Balances before I could detect a dramatic change in my energies feeling calmer deep within, which in RAW is known as Personal Power.

It’s for this reason that I encourage clients, new to Kinesiology RAW Balances, to try having at least three sessions, and also provide a three session discount special that they can use over three months, to make this more affordable, The feeling of Personal Power is detected when you notice that you are able to respond to a situation instead of react. Reactions are usually uncontrollable and is why anxiety reactions can be so debilitating and cause so much restriction in life. The liberation from anxiety occurs when your energies are able to respond instead, and with that is a calmness and a perceived tangible feeling of Personal Power. This feeling is so worthwhile that I don’t want my clients to miss out on discovering experiencing this new comfort in their energies and in their life for themselves. This is the platform to the building blocks to recovering from ingrained anxiety.

Anxiety can stem from many life experiences and states of being, due to many different circumstances and cause many different emotional, mental and physical symptoms, and all of these differences, unique to each individual client, can be addressed with a Kinesiology RAW Balance, bringing about an increased level of Personal Power, or to be precise, an energy state of being that is now responding instead of reacting, as each Balance is performed.

Booking a regular session to address your anxiety will see you headed for increasing levels of Personal Power and an increased level of enjoyment of life and yourself. Be comforted to know that your practitioner has been successful in overcoming their own anxiety with this method of Kinesiology, and is therefore a perfect energetic avenue to assist you, as they already have forged this energy pathway themselves in their own energies.

There is the old saying that “God helps them who help themselves” and by making a commitment to yourself by making regular Balance appointments, you will be supporting yourself to achieve the change in yourself that you desire to feel comfortable in life. Be open minded that sometimes with Kinesiology, as with a lot of things, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that initially what you are wanting to do is persevere with Balances until you detect your own Personal Power, which will serve you as encouragement to persist in your own healing journey.

It may not take as long as you think, and more often than not, clients do feel a significant change after their first treatment. If you don’t, like my own experience, your energies may be needing more attention until they can settle and provide you with this calmness. Often the benefits of RAW Balances occur exponentially, and the dedication you have to your own self growth, will serve you well for years to come.

You can see Meredith for your Balances at Paradiso Healtharium in the Byron Bay hinterland, or in Sydney during her scheduled visits, or via the phone or Skype. Don’t let distance put you off connecting and using RAW to relieve you of debilitating anxiety.