I was inspired by Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon’s podcast “How to have the Courage to be Seen and Heard”, to do a Balance (because that’s what I do) on myself, on the issues of having the courage to be heard, felt and seen for the work I do. Not for the first time I’m following the advise on my fridge magnet “Why not go out on a limb, cause that’s where all the fruit is” (Mark Twain), but this time to share my own Balance with others. This is something I’d never contemplated because I’ve never found it easy to be heard, felt and seen. However, after doing my Balance this has been a fairly painless thing to do. It’s my hope that in reading this, other people can learn the possibilities of getting a Balance, and gain experience of them as a useful tool to have in the pencil case of life.

So based on Suzi and Michelle’s podcast conversation I wrote the following Set-Up Issues for my Balance. (Note, the Set-Up Issues of a Balance can be anything.)

  • “Highest priority for highest good. (We always start with this.)
  • Highest priority for being in my power (ie power meaning that my energies aren’t reactive, but responsive instead) being heard, felt and seen.
  • Highest priority for unplugging from my point of attraction of abuse, criticism and judgement around being heard, felt and seen.
  • Highest priority for releasing fear on multiple levels and dimensions around being heard, felt and seen and the consequences it produces.
  • Highest priority for being in my power around my primal fear of death around being noticed.
  • Highest priority for releasing fear of new territory of being heard, felt and seen and the responsibility and demands this brings.
  • Highest priority for being able to sit in the energies of my own self doubt in my power with support and protection.
  • Highest priority for support and protection of my core energies and my self essence when I am being heard, felt and seen by others.
  • Highest priority for releasing the childhood pattern of learning not to be heard, felt and seen as protection.
  • Highest priority for healing and sealing my childhood learning for coping and releasing it in my power.
  • Highest priority for being able to sit in the energies of other people’s reactions, good and bad, to me when I am heard, felt and seen in my power with support and protection.
  • Highest priority for not plugging into negative reactions to me when I am heard, felt and seen.
  • Highest priority for aligning with positive energies of being heard, felt and seen with support and protection on multiple levels and dimensions.
  • Highest priority for my point of attraction is the positive energies of being heard, felt and seen.
  • Highest priority for connecting to the right people at the right time to be heard, felt and seen in positivity with support and protection.
  • Highest priority for my positive growth and evolution around being heard, felt and seen and connected to.
  • Highest priority for being able to sit in the energies of the uncomfortable, the unfamiliar, and the unknown in my power and self essence with support and protection.
  • Highest priority for I am safe being heard, felt and seen and connected to.
  • Highest priority for my energy system now no longer collapses, limits, sabotages or blocks me being heard, felt or seen and connected to.
  • Highest priority for me and my services, individually and collectively as one, are heard, felt and seen and connected to in my power with support and protection.
  • Highest priority for being able to sit in the energies of my nervous reactions on multiple levels and dimensions to being heard, felt and seen, in my power with support and protection.
  • Highest priority for aligning with who I want to be quickly and easily in my power with support and protection.
  • Highest priority for being in able to sit in the energies of all aspects of my ego, from the shrinking ego to the courageous, expansive ego in my power with support and protection.
  • Highest priority for aligning with the courage to serve the world with my gifts and talents, being heard, felt and seen in my power with support and protection.
  • Highest priority for Highest Good. Clearing all blocks to self healing. Allowing this Balance to integrate quickly, easily and safely.
  • Highest priority for it is safe for me to be heard, felt and seen, and I don’t have to be perfect to be noticed with positivity.”

……….Thus endeth the Set-Up Issues of the Balance,….. and now, to how this Balance unfolded for me personally…. Please note that I’ve kept this Set-Up Issues for anyone else to have a Balance on, and these same issues will unfold in a Balance that is uniquely tailored to you.

And so, for the rest of the Set-Up, which is the same protocol for every Balance……first thing is to find out the condition of the Healing Plate, which directs healing energy smoothly….well, mine around these issues was Not Communicating, Aged, and Left Out.

Secondly we look for any Resistance pattern to the Issues clearing, and to find the information needed to clear that…..which was a Power of Intention Card “Be Aware of Your Immortal Self. Let go of the idea that you’re a body that’s designed to die, and instead seek an awareness of your immortal self. Affirm: I am eternal, and that means that I showed up here from the infinitude of spiritual intention to fulfil a destiny that I must act on” (Cool huh?!)

Next we look at what are called Junctions, which are the energies between us and other people, and because they are not just our energies we can find them difficult to release. So my Junctions were…..Draining, Ridicule, Discrimination, Inferior, Camouflage, Patterns Getting Bigger Over Time, Lack of Importance, and Fragmentation. And clearing the Junction energy was a Mind/Body Makeover Card addressing “If I’m in love with someone, we are soul mates and meant to be together forever”, with the Affirmation “A living relationship has a life of its own. Some relationships last forever, and others are meant to only serve a need during a specific stage of our lives.”

Next process of the Set-Up is to channel additional issues, and mine were…..I’m not truly in control of what people think of me. My need for people to know what I do is continually filtered by my fear of being thought of as stupid. There is more wisdom in my words that highlight the pain of others that they cannot admit to themselves.

Next step is to find your Body-Coding which is something significant or linking things together in your energy system, and my Body-Coding was Being Dismissed. (How helpful is that when you’re trying to be heard, felt and seen?!!!)

The final step of the Set-Up is to find what is blocking Recognition and Acknowledgement of the Issues as a Problem, because our self-healing mechanisms don’t activate if they don’t think something needs healing….so for this I had a Quan Yin Card come up, and the paragraph that was indicated was this…..”Compassion is recognition of the power of all souls to co-create their life experience. Compassion is also the recognition of the struggle that humankind can experience in the process of spiritual growth and gentle, loving compassion for all humanity, not from a position of spiritual arrogance, but from a position of kindness and generosity of spirit. Compassion aligns you back to your soul light, to your own spiritual power and lifts you to freedom. Allow the beloved Mother to shine her Radiant Moon of Compassion in your heart now to help you free yourself of judgment and back into wisdom, discernment and peace. You deserve no less, beloved.”

And so, now comes finding out which Balance is going to clear those energies…..with 60 different Balances that encompass the many areas of life and our existence to choose from, my Energies chose an Energy States Balance……(from the introduction, this balance, it explains), “looks at the different energy states the our system goes into. Under stress and different life experiences, our energies move from an empowered energy state to a stressed based energy state. These stress based states usually dissolve when the stress is gone. However if the stress is prolonged, intense or fundamentally damaging, it changes our energy system…This Balance is all about coming into alignment with who you truly are away from energy states that drain and disempower.”

So the first state that came up for me was….

Isolating State, with the issues of….Crushing Emotions, Socially Isolated, Being Used and Abused, Being Bombarded With Others Issues and Energies, Relationship Connections

Additional Information needed for Isolating States….Language Coding (activating my energies and the universal energies to bring about healing) of “Huspicon” (which is a made up word, just like “google”is, to name our physical and spiritual connection which needs to be in communication for harmonious advancement to release disjointedness)….with the issues Withdrawing Spiritual Energies, Torn Between Realities, Aligning With Possibilities, Emotionally Shutdown, Feeling Confined and Isolated From Help, Being Continually Criticised, Guarded and Living Constantly On Edge, Brainwashed Into Others Beliefs, Questioning Choices, Victim Of Others Actions.

Further Information needed for Isolating States…..”Cables”, the energy that is within us that relates to the earths energy to keep us grounded and aligned to this planet, and looking at the Spiritual Cable, with the issues Not Believing In Yourself, Overrun With Life Traumas, Giving/Receiving Imbalance, Blinded By Others Ideals, and Blocked Happiness.

So no more additional information was needed for Isolating States, so we go to the next state that shows up which was…..

Unprotected States….with the Issues….Protecting The Self From Pain, Protecting The Self From Others, Kindered Spirits Connection, Feeling Like The Black Sheep, Energetically Overpowered, and Openness And Protection.

Additional Information needed on Unprotected States was on the Organs with the Adrenals showing up, specifically the Adrenal structure Zona Fasciculata, with the issues Links To Universal Wisdom, Links To Infinite Knowledge, Gaining “Old Soul” Knowledge, Childhood Disappointment, Draining Energies, Under Production. The next adrenal structure was the Chromaffin Cells with the issues Jammed Mode, Fear Mode, Self Defence Mode, Speaking Your Ancient Wisdom, Self Conflict, Having Two Way Relationships.

No more information was needed for Unprotected States, and the next state to show up was….

Clouded States with the issues Clouded Soul Evolution Phases, Underestimating You, Clarity Restoration, Clearly Moving Forward, Removal Of Fear Residue, Counting On Others And Being Let Down, Having Faith In You, Peaceful Understanding Of The Self, Life Connections To Growth, Life Connections To Blessings, Experiencing And Living Life, Genuine Love Of The Self, Can’t Release Fear.

Additional Information needed on Clouded States was Where Manifestation Is Being Blocked, identifying Digestive System, Respiratory System, Nervous System, Self Acceptance Mechanism, Self Belief Mechanism, Union Of Self Mechanism, Subconscious Energies, Unconscious Energies, Cellular Consciousness, Collective Subconscious, Thoughts, Genetic Pathways, Protection, Trust.

Additional Information needed on Clouded State was in the Parts of the Multiple Self (the self that has different roles for different people), and looking at the Outer Self of the Multiple Self, with the issues Guarded And Over Protective, Showing The Real You, Not Allowing People Close, Showing Your Gifts, Using Your Gifts, Adjusting The Energy Levels, Adjusting Reactions, Keeping The Old And Having No Room For The New.

So no more additional information, and no more states showed up.

The Correction process includes finding if our energies perceive or recognise their own healing energy as foreign energy, and therefore block it, for which the book “Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite” by Paul Arden came up with reading “It’s not always good to have ideals. Some people have a gift for coming up with ideas. But for those that did it is a real struggle. Oddly, the people who struggle most are often the ones who become successful. Having too many ideas is not always a good thing. It’s too easy to move on to the next one, and the next one. If you don’t have many ideas, you have to make those you do have work for you.”

The Correction needed to dissipate and reorganise the above energy into empowerment, where my energies are not reacting but responding instead, was gently holding the Ancient Brain, that part of our brain that holds our memory and reactive impulses, along with the T2 vertebrae that is our nervous systems link to our brain and heart, our thoughts and emotions, plus a correction on the Body Crystal, the crystalline structure that makes up our unique energies, followed by another correction point on the body that is like a delete button that allows us to reboot.

So if you’ve read all this, well done! You’re now familiar with what a Balance is like. However, having described a Balance in this way is like writing down what a peach tastes like…..not as good as experiencing the real thing for yourself, let me assure you, with the sensation of energy moving in your body as each phrase is read out to you which intimately hits the nail on the head consistently.

And like Suzi and Michelle spoke about in their conversation, my Balance contains a whole lot of human stuff that as you can see, has the capability to block and limit me, in this case, being heard, felt and seen effectively. Do I want my life to be ruled by this? Hell No! Will I devote 90 minutes of my time and a small fee to getting another Balance on this? Hell Yes! Because life is too short not to, and Balances are fun because they are all about me (and you too!).

As you read this be aware that your personal Balance is for your ears only, and it is not normal practice to share the details of a Balance with anyone but you. But I have taken the opportunity to show you how quickly and efficiently a Balance can easily get to the core of your issues in a very deep and profound way, simultaneously supporting your energies by revealing this information in the precise order that it needs to be revealed and brought into your consciousness, in order that spontaneous healing occurs.

This is the first, last and only time I will be putting a full Balance up for people to read, because a Balance is uniquely transient by design in order to bring about change quickly and effectively. It is not something to be kept, as conscious energetic reinforcement of undesirable issues, but in RAW protocol is burnt if it is written on paper, or deleted. RAW protocol also requires Practitioners to keep Client records that describe the treatment done in language that does not reinforce the issues. One of the signs of a good Balance is that you can’t quite remember what you worked on, or what came up in it, to allow issues to pass and for your energies to evolve and embrace a new empowered state of being.

So hoping that this information I’ve just shared with you can be a stepping stone to embracing RAW Balances and using them as a tool to fast tracking you with some of the concepts learnt from Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon’s wisdom and experience. Thanks Suzi and Michelle!! Your warmth and compassion for the human experience of what it takes to connect and be successful shines through in abundance.