We’ve all got the image in our minds of the bathroom mirror surrounded by post-it notes with various affirmations on them designed to be robotically repeated while cleaning your teeth in the attempt of brainwashing yourself…..but saying an affirmation in a Kinesiology RAW Balance is not as laborious as you might think.

Firstly, during a Kinesiology RAW Balance we say an affirmation only ONCE. There is no homework to be done after your Balance and you are not required to go home and repeat the affirmation 20 times a day until you book your next Kinesiology session. Healing with RAW Balances using Kinesiology principles is quite effortless on the part of the client.

The beauty of this type of Kinesiology protocol, is that in a RAW Energy Balance all 12 Parts of the Being are accessed and are therefore online each time an affirmation is said. The significance of this is that all of your Beings energies are being reprogrammed by the affirmation at the same time as each other, so that we only have to say an affirmation once for it to effectively reprogram your entire energy system.

Secondly, in a RAW Energy Balance, we use the Kinesiology principle of muscle testing to quickly find out the precise affirmation required to clear the energy as quickly and efficiently as possible. By muscle testing we bypass the conscious mind to find the most significant affirmation without bias or judgement.

The reason this is so effective at healing a programme is that sometimes an affirmation doesn’t seem all that significant and would be overlooked by the conscious mind, and never make it to a post-it note on the mirror because it is not an issue for the Being as a whole, it may only be an issue for the Ego, or the Subconscious, and the rest of the Being has no problem with it. This is where the modality of Kinesiology, and RAW Energy Balances in particular shines at uncovering the subtle and obscure energy patterns that are the linch pins that cause us blocks.

Thirdly, during a RAW Balance Energy Healing we use the method of muscle testing to gently and easily pluck out the most significant affirmations to heal even the deepest of traumas. We all know that certain words can cut us to the quick, and we all know to what lengths we will protect ourselves from experiencing pain, and how much we will suppress in order to carry on…and carry our traumas with us. Sometimes an affirmation can be so powerful for a client that each word of the affirmation has to be said……one….word….at….a…time….. But these, of course are some of the most powerful healings and bring the most significant change and relief for clients.

Saying affirmations while the RAW Affirmation Energy Correction point is being held is very affective at transforming the ingrained belief patterns that govern our thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behaviour.

Kinesiology RAW Energy Balances are at Paradiso Healtharium in the Byron Bay hinterland, but don’t be limited by location. Effective healings can be achieved as a Distant Healing via the phone. The RAW method of Kinesiology allows the session to proceed in the same way as if you were in the same room, you still get to hear every word of your Balance with me as it unfolds, and the healing affect is not compromised in any way. I have even had clients via Skype as far away as China and Sweden all benefit from this Australian method of Kinesiology!