There are many different natural healing modalities from Ashtanga Yoga to Zen Meditation, and all sorts of health care modalities and professions in between, so that it can be confusing knowing what is right for you. And with so many to choose from, sometimes we get overloaded and opt for choosing nothing at all! But this doesn’t necessarily enhance your life.

And while of course we can live without having treatments, if you do want you and your life to change to enhance your life, wishing for it without doing anything about it, generally sees you stuck in the same energies.

Just like all people can’t be all things to everyone, all modalities can’t be all things to everyone either. However, I’ve learned from years of experience that there is something positive and special about all modalities, and it’s self-supporting and empowering to try different things and find what resonates with you and your individual needs.

I’ve also learned from my own healing experience that by combining treatments you can access an exponential healing experience by combining what is positive and special and thereby access more of what you need, and access expansive healing energies.

Kinesiology RAW Energy Balances can be used to support and enhance any other treatments you are receiving, including Medical, for any physical conditions, even serious ones. Optimum healing outcome was achieved for an elderly family member after a serious accident, which required 3 months recovery in Canberra Hospital Spinal Unit. During this time this family member received regular Distant RAW Balance healings and recovery was consistently forward moving without complication, with Medical staff calling them their “model patient”. Balances concentrated on maintaining physiological connection and flexibility, with highest priority for optimum healing. This elderly person remarkably regained their full engagement with all activities in life that they had previously had with only minor limitations, despite the seriousness of their injuries, so this was an optimum outcome.

Other Medical conditions being supported by Kinesiology RAW Energy Balances have been presented by regular clients, such as pain after skin cancer surgery, surgery for liver cancer, hip replacement surgery, and coronary artery bypass heart surgery.  RAW Balances have supported the optimum healing of these surgeries and they have also supported relieving the stress and anxiety of the practicalities and anticipation of these surgery procedures, as well as supporting all aspects of the stress and frustration of recovery.

Beginning in Natural Therapies by doing Remedial Massage, and working for Chiropractor Dr Fiona Pearcey at North Bondi Chiropractic Clinic, lead to being referred to me for Kinesiology RAW Balances some Chiropractic patients who were experiencing so much life stress that their nervous systems would not hold a spinal adjustment for any length of time to afford them comfort, meaning repeated Chiropractic adjustments without a successful outcome in relief of back pain. Once a RAW Balance addressed the multiple stresses being held in the 12 Parts of the Being, ie not just the Physical Being, the client was able to resume their usual Chiropractic treatments with success of their spinal adjustments holding and relieving their back pain, in addition to receiving the benefits of the change in energies the Balance brought.

Over time, by chance this lead to a relationship with leading Network Chiropractic practitioner Dr Euan McMillan of Well Well Well Sydney. Network Chiropractic works with the precise and subtle nuances of the human nervous system and brings the Being back into it’s natural healing rhythm which supports natural healthy function of the Being as a whole, including it’s biomechanics health and function, and so supporting health, ease and comfort of the physical body in rest and movement.

Working from Dr McMillan;s Clinic for periodic Sydney visits for my Sydney Clientele, offers me the opportunity to work with Dr McMillan for the benefit of our mutual Clients. Dr McMillan’s extensive knowledge and intuition combines to pinpoint relevant issues for the Set Up of Client’s Kinesiology RAW Balances. Having a Balance with his input in this way is like refining a Google search with more relevant terms and getting a better result quicker. His subsequent Network Chiropractic treatments with these Clients are then able to get further break throughs than he has previously experienced with them. Thus there is a synergistic exponential healing affect from combining these two modalities.

“I regard the work Meredith has done for me as simply magical! At the challenging of times in life, it helps to have someone that can help you find clarity, focus and calm. Meredith is this person for me!

If you are at a crossroads in life, need some ongoing energetic, emotional, spiritual or physical support, or if you are just looking for some guidance, the work Meredith does is sure to help you find your ‘right path’.

I’ve had some wonderful successes with Meredith including the release of some chronic jaw pain, assistance with family relationship issues, she even helped make selling our family home less stressful. I’ve experienced benefits, and have seen similar benefits to clients I have recommended see Meredith also, allowing my work with them to progress more easily.”

Dr Euan McMillan

Over the years I have also done Kinesiology RAW Balances with input based on Medical Intuitive Readings, and combined with Rebirthing Breathwork and Kahuna Massage. Know that the best healing is a multi-dimensional healing and that sometimes this occurs by combining the knowledge and expertise of more than one Practitioner and Modality. My primary concern is to do the best RAW Balance that I can for my Clients, and I am always open to input from other Practitioners supporting a Client’s wellbeing.

Be empowered to enhance your own health by supporting your health care with Kinesiology RAW Energy Balances. You can have a Kinesiology RAW Energy Balance to support your treatment of physical conditions, and address the stress and frustration that these physical restrictions can cause. You can see me in person at Paradiso Healtharium in Byron Bay hinterland, in Sydney periodically, or as a Distant Healing via the phone or Skype. Feel supported during your treatment with Kinesiology RAW Energy Balances for optimum outcomes, and above all feel empowered to find a treatments that combined give you a greater healing effect.

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