Many of our disposable goals are proclaimed over a glass of champagne on December 31st and forgotten by January 15th as we get back into work. It’s usually the most challenging goals or behaviours that we want to change, that get a lame attempt and fall into the too hard basket, only to be attempted again next New Year.

Our challenging goals and behaviours need to be nurtured and supported if we are to make them into being a valuable change in our lives, and one of the ways we can do this, is through Kinesiology RAW Balances. The very nature of change needs to be broken down in order to be understood and worked through to transformation.

It is a common expectation that we can change automatically, but disappointingly often our behaviour is unconsciously driven, so it’s unreasonable to expect a conscious change to just happen. We must encourage it to make it’s way from the unconscious into the conscious and into conscious behaviour.

So next time you notice a behaviour that you don’t like, often accompanied by thinking to ourselves “Why did I do that, why did I say that, how could I have done that again”, or something similar, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, encourage change by saying to yourself “That’s great that I’ve just noticed my unwanted behaviour”. Because by noticing it you have taken it one step closer to conscious transformation by taking it out of the automatic unconscious realm.

The next step in change is to correct the unwanted behaviour that you have just noticed, even if you haven’t been able to stop it. As you keep recognising the unwanted behaviour, you then choose to actively correct it with something positive. That might involve changing a negative thought to a positive thought, or even phoning a friend and correcting something negative you’ve said previously, or making a point of doing the change that you want as a positive exercise. This is also a very positive step, as repeating the desired behaviour brings it more into our conscious mind and conscious experience.

Once we have done the previous step repeatedly it is easier to recognise our negative behaviour sooner and stop our previous behaviour before we do it, and therefore automatically step into the new desired behaviour as our new automatic response. Our conscious transformation is complete. Of course we will be at different stages of change in all sorts of ways all through our life, but that’s to be expected. Nonetheless it can be a proud and exciting moment when we realise we have successfully made a positive change in life.

Kinesiology RAW Balances are a way of fast tracking this process, so that new information gets quickly assimilated into your energies often making change quick, lasting and effortless. Kinesiology RAW Balances can address the unconscious programmes, sabotages, and patterns that keep unconscious behaviour blocking our wanted change. Kinesiology RAW Balances are a good support for goal coaching to bring about lifestyle changes. Recommended lifestyle coach in the Byron Bay Area is Michelle Winrow, a natural facilitator or change, from The Authentic Wellness Coach

All goals are suitable to be supported by Kinesiology RAW Energy Balances. Book your Balance with Meredith by phoning (02) 6684 5005, or texting 0410 371 620. Our growth and evolution benefits us, the people around us, and the world at large. Don’t hesitate to support and nurture your positive change with Kinesiology RAW Energy Balances.