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Natural Bridal Beauty – Flawless Makeup

The Radiant Confidant Bride

“On the day before my wedding I had a treatment with Meredith. When I arrived home my sisters and mother were astonished and could not believe such a dramatic change had been achieved without surgery!…
I look back on the wedding photos and am so glad that the only pre-wedding beauty routine I did was Facial Harmony. My whole face looked lifted, my eyes looked younger, my complexion was clearer and having the treatment was very relaxing and grounding…
…Just what I needed right before the wedding.”
Kate Mortimer

* Soothing to Your Skin, Won’t Make It Red

* Alleviates Tiredness From Your Face Instantly

* Transforms You To A Glowing Bride
In 90 Minutes Flat

“It’s like a natural facelift!”

You Won’t Have Breakouts and Redness after Facial Harmony

Facial Harmony is a very gentle treatment that slowly massages your face to release tension and allow energy to flow giving you your own natural facelift, without being stimulating to the skin and producing breakouts or redness.

Facial Harmony uses no creams, products, chemicals or needles, so it is suitable for sensitive or allergic skin. Facial Harmony will smooth skin and leave it looking soft, healthy and with a more even colour.

How Close to the Wedding Should I have My Facial Harmony?

Facial Harmony can be done up to the Day Before the Wedding, and is a great way to relax and get a good night’s sleep. It’s also a nice quiet time to have to yourself, before all the excitement begins and you’re the centre of attention.

The benefits of Facial Harmony keep unfolding for about 3 days after your treatment, and will also last for quite some time depending on how much stress you encounter in life. Facial Harmony gives you long term changes as you release any deeply held tension during the treatment.

This means that Facial Harmony will still give you a stunning radiant face if you have your treatment anytime in the week, or fortnight before your wedding.

Best Pre-Wedding Facial Harmony Results!

The secret to looking amazing is not just one Facial Harmony, but two or three, and close together! You will look radiant, lifted and toned after your first Facial Harmony, and with your second treatment ideally a week later, I get to work on what I’ve already worked on, so better beauty results are achieved.

The icing on the cake will happen when you have your third Facial Harmony treatment three days later, and your face with have a vibrancy and healthy radiance that equals beauty in anyone’s eyes.

If you are only in this location for a week, book your two Facial Harmony treatments three days apart to achieve your best beauty results.

Facial Harmony is Ideal as Preparation for Wedding Makeup

Professional Makeup Artist Sarah-Jane Ryan, from Lady Bella specialises in Wedding Makeup and Photography and loves Facial Harmony for the smooth, evenly toned skin as a base for flawless make-up.

Sarah-Jane has experienced lots of Brides who’s health routine goes out the window in the last hectic weeks before the wedding, and thinks Facial Harmony is a great way to cheat, and look radiant anyway!

Facial Harmony for the Bride, Bridegroom, Bridesmaid & Mother of the Bride

Visit Paradiso Healtharium for Facial Harmony with your choice of companion. You might like your Groom to look as handsome as he can for the big day, or feel like some special time with your Mum or Bestie.

Have a relaxing cup of tea soaking up the sights and sounds of the countryside while Facial Harmony is done on your companion, and then you. You’ll both look relaxed and radiant and ready to face the cameras!!

Look Your Best For The Big Day!