Facial Harmony - Natural Facelift



 I offer 90 minute Facial Harmony treatments, beginning with an energy clearing of your emotional stress to enhance your facelifting results.

Facial Harmony is a gentle and pain-free specialised massage technique on the meridians of your face and head, along with the muscles. It is done without using oils, creams, products or machinery, and is perfect for sensitive skin and won’t cause redness. 

Facial Harmony has four major benefits  




Health Benefits. 

Facial Harmony gives these benefits in your first treatment, with visible facelifting results leaving you feeling relaxed and looking fresher.



Diana Scott

“The photos don’t do justice to the after affects of my Facial Harmony.  I looked considerably refreshed and more youthful.  And to think that this comes from a relaxing, totally non-invasive treatment.  I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself.”
Diana Scott

Facial Harmony is a key component in my monthly well-being and beauty regime.

Due to my profession, I endure a lot of screen stress
which manifests in what I call ‘computer face’.
Nothing opens up my face more than my hour a month with Meredith…

….I love gifting it to my girlfriends as the results always blow them away
and they don’t believe me until they try it.
‘It’s like a natural face lift!’ they say.”

Chryss Carr PR

Your First Facial Harmony- - What Happens in a Treatment?

Meredith asks why you particularly have chosen to have a Facial Harmony, so that she can concentrate on areas of your face and Meridians which will benefit you the most. You may work with computers and have tension around your eyes and brow, or you may clench your teeth and have jaw pain, or you may have headaches, or you may have an area of your face that signals to you aging, or you may be going through a stressful period in life. If you are particularly stressed, Meredith will offer to quickly clear emotions being held using her Kinesiology based skills in RAW Balances. This will give you deeper relaxation, which will enhance your Facial Harmony results.

Facial Harmony uses no products at all, and is suitable for those with sensitive skin, and can calm and even out skin tone and texture. You can wash your face before you come if you like, or simply come straight from work or a day out, as the Facial Harmony technique won’t disturb make up. Wearing your usual beauty products and make up won’t interfere with your Facial Harmony in any way. As mentioned, you’ll be woken up halfway through your treatment for a quick peak at what’s taking place with your face.

Meredith works from your upper chest area upwards to include your neck, face and head in order to work on your Energy Meridians effectively. Your treatment is done fully clothed lying face up on a massage table, and in Winter you’re covered in a cosy blanket.

Facial Harmony involves massage of the head, which can leave your hair looking mussed up, so it’s wise not to have your hair styled before your treatment.

Meredith ends your Facial Harmony with a brief foot massage, which helps to ground you, so that you walk away relaxed without feeling too floaty.

Facial Harmony Before a Special Occasion

Facial Harmony is perfect before a special occasion to ensure you’re looking your best. It’s best not to have your Facial Harmony on the day of your occasion, because you never know, you might end up too relaxed to be bothered going out at all…..so the day before is wise timing, and as the effects of Facial Harmony can keep unfolding for days afterwards, up to a week before will still see you looking great.

Facial Harmony involves massage of the head, which can leave your hair looking mussed up, so it’s wise not to have your hair styled before your treatment.

The Three Facial Harmonies Package – Or How to Get Amazing Results to Your Appearance Very Quickly

Anytime you’d like a huge beauty boost, simply have The Three Facial Harmonies Package. For amazing results to your appearance I recommend having three Facial Harmony treatments within a two week time frame. Having your first Facial Harmony, and your second Facial Harmony a week later, and your third Facial Harmony only three or four days later, will give you amazing results, as it gives me a chance to work on what I have already worked on, allowing your face to open, relax and lift much further than with a single treatment. Don’t be surprised if people ask you if you have had a facelift, although this can also happen after just one Facial Harmony too…..!

You can have this beauty boosting intensive Facial Harmony experience at anytime, and it maybe something you choose to do every 6 months, or once a year to enhance your regular anti-aging with Facial Harmony follow-up treatments.

Follow Up Treatments – I Look Great & I’d Love to Stay Looking Great

The key to looking your best and allaying the aging process is to keep the space open so that your energy can flow freely. Unfortunately, stress is the cause of tension and over contraction with consequential fatigue and loss of tone in the facial tissues. We invariably experience stress in life to some degree, so it makes sense for a lot of reasons to regularly address this tension, and regular Facial Harmony is the answer to maintaining a youthful appearance.

Fitting in with your schedule, budget and personal needs, you may choose weekly, fortnightly, monthly, six-weekly or eight-weekly treatments. Facial Harmony treatments can retrain and create a new muscle memory with regular treatments. The closer your treatments are together, the more this new pattern is reinforced and encouraged, and your aging process will be slowed down.

This re-patterning can also greatly benefit deep lines or creases, which can over time flatten considerably and appear lighter and less noticeable with regular treatments.

Don’t forget that because Facial Harmony works on the Energy Meridians that relate to our internal organs, your general health will also be getting a boost, while you are benefiting from the deep relaxation.
I recommend you book your next treatment at your Facial Harmony appointment as this makes it easier to keep this commitment to yourself. You are always welcome to adjust or move your next appointment to accommodate other commitments, so it makes sense to book in advance to maintain your regular Facial Harmony.

Jan Pearson, Ballina
Thank you for the last Facial Harmony session, it was wonderful but what I’d particularly like to say is how much the brief energy balance you did on my right hip seems to have worked magic! It’s a little bit sore again today but I’ve basically had two weeks pain free walking for the first time in months and months and now having been a cot case for a few days [sick with the flu] assume there is still some inflammation in my system. Next time you’ll have to give it the works and see how it goes – I really can’t believe the difference it has made to me – I was really in a bad way and considering starting to look at perhaps having surgery. Please feel free to put this comment on your website if you choose.
Mani Lemmon
“There is honestly no better time spent than receiving a beautiful Facial Harmony treatment from Miss Meredith. This is most certainly the only time I completely relax and feel weightless, often drifting off into a dreamy sleep. This is the type of treatment you really need to experience to know how amazing it is. It relaxes your entire face, head and mental state…but I honestly believe it quietly does a whole lot more and without doubt every time I leave feeling lighter, refreshed and completely relaxed. On top of that your face is noticeably less tense and HAPPY, it is hard not to smile. Meredith is a true healer and wise woman. I grab every opportunity to see her for both Facial Harmony and RAW. Facial Harmony is my favourite relaxation treatment and it produces exactly what it says, harmony and much more. Enjoy!”
Ann Adams
“I have been having Facial Harmony treatments with Meredith for many years now. I find that my weekly treatment not only wipes the consequences of the busy stressful life I lead from my face each week but that it relaxes my whole body and gives me some well earned down time. My skin stays in great condition – it glows after a treatment and the wrinkles are kept at bay. I can thoroughly recommend Meredith for Facial Harmony treatments.”
Dolly Foley
“Thank you for the amazing experience and also the most relaxing treatment I have had. Totally recommend to anyone!”
Wendy Lillian
“The special treat of a Facial Harmony experience is one of the most relaxing revitalising indulgences I have had with the stress visibly disappearing from my face….a must try…!”

5 Years Younger in 90 Minutes