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* Quickly Relieves Stress & Anxiety, and Boosts Confidence
* Activates Your Own Healing Powers
* Astonishing Results Are Possible!

Paradiso Balancing Man

What is Rekindled Ancient Wisdom?

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom, or a RAW Balance as it’s commonly known, is an energy clearing treatment based on Kinesiology. Rekindled Ancient Wisdom draws on your own unique comprehensive consciousness of yourself, the true informed expert on you. While Kinesiology uses muscle testing on the client, in a RAW Balance your Practitioner does the muscle testing on themselves holding a Mudra* for Inner Listening which allows them access to all relevant information about you, that you hold in your own energetic data bank, and of the problem energy as it relates to you, that you’d like to clear, while you lie back and relax.
*Mudra – now, what’s a Mudra? We’ve all seen pictures of people meditating and holding their hands or fingers in a certain position, which is called a Mudra. So because our body generates electricity (about 4 to 6 volts) via our nervous system, we can create different energy frequencies by holding our body in different positions….just think of the frequency that we naturally create when we hold our face in a genuine smile at someone we love….


Magical Meredith is what I call her. How else do you explain a person that can calm the frantic energy of your partner who isn’t even in the room?
After over a year of increasing existential dread, and the anxiety and depression that comes along for the ride; I returned home to my partner after seeing Meredith to a calm, considerate and stable boyfriend…

… This has not been my experience returning home to him in the past 12-14 months, which have been pretty much emotionally strained, riding serious lows and questioning the biggest areas of life (relationship, career, trying to get pregnant, and trying but failing to buy a roof over our heads).
One of these would be enough for one person to handle, but all three has been a challenge and we have both fallen down with it. …

…So was I relieved to express all the crap to Meredith that was impacting him and of course myself, and eternally grateful when I returned home to a calm and accommodating partner (for the first time in months)? Hell yes!
Seeing Meredith for a balance always puts me at ease, not to mention an extra pep in my step. Life and the struggles always seem easier after a session, and she often highlights areas that I’m emotionally or physically struggling with that (a) I couldn’t put into words, or (b) am not even aware of. She’s a gem of a human and if I could bottle her for future use I would.”

What effect does a RAW Balance have?

When Pam Myers and Sally Worth, first started founding RAW, Pam’s father, a retired Kinesiology Practitioner died, and a family friend at his funeral told Pam she’d just received a message from Pam’s father who said that there was one correction point on the body, which was like a delete button. Pam incorporated this message for her into Rekindled Ancient Wisdom.

So just like when we are working on a computer, and decide that whatever we are doing isn’t quite right we can hit the delete button, and we can do this in our own energies too during a RAW Balance. Of course no Energy Practitioner can get the body to do what it isn’t designed to do naturally, but they can tweak your energy in specialised ways so that it functions itself in a more streamlined, unblocked and expanded, flowing way, enhancing our life.

So, we naturally delete energy to keep us healthy all the time, sometimes that’s simply called “growth”, when we move on….but sometimes we may have had a traumatic experience, or have emotions or some programming or a sabotage pattern which makes naturally deleting certain energy difficult or laborious, and this can cause the build up of unhelpful energy, which we commonly call disease, a problem or pattern, bad luck, or stuck in a rut.

We’ve all heard that whirring noise a computer makes when it’s getting over loaded and can’t function properly, and our energy system can sometimes do the same thing. RAW Balances quickly, easily and accurately pin point the exact energies that need to be addressed so that your energy system can function more freely. So, by regularly having a RAW Balance, we can consciously work with these energies and hit the delete button, clearing the slate from time to time, and being able to reboot and refresh. Of course we aren’t deleting our life experience or vital aspects of ourselves, just the charge of reactive energy around these things.

Even if, like me, you aren’t into computers you’ve probably heard these terms and can imagine what that feels like in your body….that’s right, calmer, clearer and lighter. Every RAW Balance you have, will result in you feeling tangibly calmer, clearer and lighter, and that’s a great place to step back out into the world from.

What sort of things can I work on with a RAW Balance?

The world is your oyster, with a RAW Balance. You can do a Balance on anything that we experience in life, or even would like to experience. You could do a balance on the pain in your right hip, or on your relationship with your boyfriend Fred, or on your relationship to men in general, or for finding a new house more easily, or clearing trauma from the car accident you were in when you were nine, or for your connection to nature, or for experiencing more peace and happiness…..or you could do a balance on all of those things at once, if you wanted to. RAW Balances are a very handy gadget to have in the tool-box for those tricky things in life!

Why are RAW Balances so great?

RAW balances work with all of our energies, in what is called The 12 Parts of the Being. This incorporates the Emotional Being, Dimensional Realities, Spiritual Being, Higher Self, Mental Being, Inner Child, Physical Body, Parent Gene, Subconscious, Ego, Soul and God Within, so that we can work with these energies individually or in combination or collectively, whatever is required to clear the energy.

This means that your energies are worked with during a RAW Balance in a stable way, because what you specifically need at that time can be accessed in the order that you need it. In other words, we all have a unique hierarchy of how we need to unravel things, and this is supported and respected, resulting in large amounts of energy being able to be released or redirected, sometimes having remarkable effects in people’s lives.

Often we are aware of what is not right in our energy and our lives because it signals to us as bothering us in some way, but often we don’t have the consciousness to know how to change it. Sometimes the signal is a niggling feeling that things are not right, and other times if feels like the signal is screaming at you as your whole world falls apart. RAW Balances can support you and get your energies calm and stable quickly in all situations, to move forward in a clearer harmonious way. RAW Balances can make all the difference when you’re really stressed. A Balance can address long-term stress, deep trauma, or general day-to-day stress, with all balances bringing a feeling of lightness.

RAW Balances help to quickly and effortlessly access the consciousness needed to shift the energy. This is a simple process of verbally asking the client’s energies what they need to identify, and a RAW Practitioner muscle tests written information through a process of elimination to find the answer. This way we can access information beyond what you consciously know, to find a more comprehensive wisdom that your energies naturally know about you, your entire energies and your life.

The bits of information that your RAW Practitioner identifies, piece together bit by bit and form a picture, or a story, of what the energy we need to consciously identify is all about in order to process and clear that energy to restore harmony. It can be really hard to change something when you are fishing around in the dark, and a RAW Balance switches on the light so that your energies can see exactly what they have to do to be conscious of to restore balance. So just like on a computer, we highlight all the information we want to delete before we hit the delete button to clear our screen efficiently.

During this process it is not uncommon to feel energy moving in different parts of your body. Becoming conscious of the energies needed to restore balance is effortless for the client, and often the client will go into a deep slumber, or altered state of consciousness, while your Practitioner is muscle testing for your energies to reveal the required consciousness. Once your energies have revealed, or highlighted, enough information needed during the RAW Balance process, we do an energy correction, which involves hitting that delete button!! That can feel pretty great!

What will I gain from having one or more RAW Balances?

From your first RAW Balance, hitting the delete button will release a reactive state in your energies. All the identified energy is highlighted and brought to our consciousness during a Balance because it has an associated stress reaction in your energy system. The various corrections that your Practitioner will do, all involving the Correction Point, or “delete button” dissipate the stress reaction from your energy systems. Once the reactive state is released, it means that those energy systems are now able to function in a more calm and ordered manner, in other words, they now have the capacity to respond, instead of react.

When your energies are responding instead of reacting we call this Personal Power. Each Balance you have, increases the amount of your energies in your systems that have dropped their reactionary states, so that more of your energies are responding, thus giving you ever increasing Personal Power enhancing your life experience, which you can tangibly feel.

Can I have a RAW Balance if I’m having other Treatments?

Absolutely. All modalities have their own unique special attributes and combining them can bring an enhanced dimension to your healing and bring true life changing magic. RAW Balances can be used to support and enhance treatment results of any other treatment you are receiving, even medical, or surgery.

What can I expect to happen during my RAW Balance Treatment?

Your first RAW Balance with Meredith from Paradiso Healtharium will involve an explanation of the entire process as it unfolds, so that you have an understanding of how the process works by the time you finish. To tell you all of the information prior to starting the Balance would be too much information and could be overwhelming, so I prefer to explain when we are at each relevant stage of the Balance to increase your ease of understanding. I endeavour to make your Balance a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

To commence, you’ll sit down on a chair, and you’ll receive the first explanation that lets you know about the 12 Parts of the Being, which means we can work on any aspect of our life experience, and then you’ll be asked what you’d like to work on. You can work on as much or as little as you like. You’ll still get a comprehensive balance even if you work on something simple. I’m always happy to work on whatever you would like, and as I regard any Balance as a contribution to peace, balance and harmony in the world, I’m happy to restore your energies around big stresses as equally as trivial day-to-day distractions.

I take a written note of what you would like to balance as a guide for me to work from during the session, but as we burn this paper together at the end, what we work on remains private. I allow half an hour for this process. The rest of the session takes another hour.

You’ll then be directed to remove your shoes, and lie face up, fully clothed, on the massage table. If it’s cold weather, you’ll be covered with a blanket. I’ll touch the access points for all 12 Parts of the Being on myself, which allows you to see the access points and where they are. I then briefly and lightly touch the same points on you. If touch is unacceptable to you, I can “touch” the access points above your body instead, so please request this when I explain that I’m going to touch your access points.

I then read back to you the notes I have written about what you’d like to work on in order to check with your energies that we have permission to work on this topic. I’ll be asking your energies a series of questions, and then I muscle test on me holding a mudra, on behalf of your energies, to find the answer to the questions, which reveals the picture or story of the energy that is to be corrected. These initial questions are the same each time you get a Balance, and we refer to this stage as our Balance Set-Up.

I then muscle test to find out which Balance we will be doing to clear this energy. There are about 60 different Balances your energies could choose from in order to clear this energy in the most efficient, easy and most comprehensive way possible. Your energies could perhaps choose an Overcoming Fear Balance, Stored Memories Balance, or a Sabotage Balance, or even an Organs Balance or a Soul Evolution Balance.

I then follow the structured procedure determined for that type of balance, and continue to build up the energy story with short descriptions of the energy. Sometimes these descriptions sound really strange, because we don’t normally verbally describe every little thing we experience in life, and doing this can sound unfamiliar. RAW Balances are however, precise and accurate, and identify and clear specific energies, so this is just something that enables this process to work effectively to actually clear energy. You can remain awake or drift off to sleep if you need to during this process.

When your energy has revealed enough information to clear the energy safely and easily it will stop giving me information, which signals that the Balance is ready to correct. There are three different corrections, which are all non invasive, which are used alone or in combination, and which all dissipate the charge of energy that is connected to the energy that has been described in the entire process of the Balance. You are then invited to get up and sit back on the chair to have some water, put your shoes on, and of course as you leave we burn all the pages I have written your Balance on, to make sure that all of the energy consciousness is free to discharge, and it’s often at this point that people notice that they tangibly feel lighter and clearer. Yay! How lovely!

Chris Brown

“Last Friday I had the privilege of experiencing an energy balance from Meredith Plowman. It is a powerful thing. By the time I got home I was really aware that something had changed. It was like a cloak had lifted, I felt calmer and clearer and more myself and in a great space to visit Sydney for the weekend. And I will do it again.”

Jasmine Stark, Surry Hills

“The RAW treatments are amazing. I went along wanting to focus on lower back pain I have had for at least the past 5 years. Since my initial appointment with Meredith I have had no lower back pain. A few weeks later I was very emotionally drained and after another treatment I felt ready to deal with the situation instead of running away from it. You really have to try the experience for yourself to even begin to understand the wonderful benefits.”

Wendy Lillian

‘ I have been seeing Meredith for several years and have found RAW, with its subtle clearing of old patterns, blockages, family issues and the myriad of complexities which we humans hold within us, has enhanced my life immensely. Meredith’s wise and intuitive counsel has been a source of great benefit and solace to me. I look forward to each appointment. Meredith’s RAW sessions have also assisted me with making more progress with my Chiropractic treatments!”

Marianne Todd, Alexandria

“Thank you Meredith for introducing me to RAW [Rekindled Ancient Wisdom]. The sessions I have had with you have been truly life changing. I have been amazed to find myself dealing with various situations and relationships in my life differently to how I would have before my RAW balances. I recommend RAW to everyone for a truly self empowering balance and a release of all unwanted blockages and beliefs.”

Ann E Lawrence, Alexandria - Writer/Editor/Publications Consultant

“After a long drought and exhausting year, the RAW balancing helped initiate a change in my energy so that I was able to focus on my creative writing again. Afterwards, I felt calmer, nourished and more able to concentrate with the work. It was a real watershed and amazingly, some opportunities also began to open up to me in ways I could never have imagined.”

Petra Karlsson, Sydney NSW

Meredith Plowman has been my Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Kinesiologist for the past 8 years. In that time she has been wonderful at helping me move through some stubborn energies that no longer served me. In each session Meredith has patiently taken time to consult, identify and establish the issues at hand. Meredith’s knowledge of her work, emotional clarification and support has provided me with valuable insights and allow me to make more balanced choices. The energy work sessions enable me to move through everyday life in a more positive way. I highly recommend Meredith to anyone who is looking for further clarity, centring and balance in his or her life.”

Diana Scott

“A totally unexpected treatment resulting in extraordinary insight!  I immediately felt calmer and definitely more balanced.  I’ve since experienced less anxiety and have clearer insights into areas that would have previously have made me very anxious.  I’ll definitely be a regular client.  Thanks Meredith…”

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